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Boring by first sight, incredibly different once you get to know me. I've been to more places than you, and I've seen and done more than I let on.


I'm extremely interested in writing about things that excite me, piss me off, remind me, obliterate me, stimulate me, and basically make me inform myself that I'm still here. I'm writing this for me, and I'm grateful and humbled that any and all of you care to read my ramblings. I'm still working on me, so hopefully this place of mine will be one where you all feel welcome, and also, feel some of the same things I do. And if you don't, I will love you regardless. Thanks for checking in on me, the very few of you who actually have any idea that this place exists. I like it that way.


jimmie johnson, international travel, san diego chargers, fernando alonso, san diego padres, felipe massa